3 Reasons to Replace That Front Door

Door ReplacementWhether you like it or not, your front door says a lot about you. You want to make sure it’s saying the right thing. So unless you’re in love with every aspect of your front door, maybe it’s time to make a change. At Thunderbolt Construction, Inc., here are three reasons why many homeowners consider door replacement.

1. Curb Appeal

Okay, we’ve already mentioned that your front door can speak volumes. Whether it screams “1980s!” or it has one too many dents or scratches, if it’s not giving off the vibes you want (like if it’s more likely to turn people away instead of welcome them in), then door replacement may be in order.

2. Energy Efficiency

Not all doors are made equal. If your home’s doors or windows are not made of quality materials and built for efficiency, you could quite literally be leaking money while trying to heat or cool your home. By replacing a door, you could enhance your home’s energy efficiency, which is a good investment.

3. Resale

Curb appeal and energy efficiency may not tip the scales for you—but they might for a potential home buyer. In fact, Remodeling’s Cost vs. Value Report indicates that replacing your entry door with a 20-gauge steel door could in fact increase your property value (and resale potential). So if you plan on selling your Northern Illinois or Southern Wisconsin home, you may want to ask yourself whether it’s time to replace your front door. Do you need some help deciding on the right door for your Chicago-area home? Thunderbolt Construction specializes in door replacement, as well as other window, skylight, and exterior home improvements. We can help you find a quality, energy-efficient model that fits your home’s design. After you’ve found the right door, our expert team can come to your home and install it. To find out more or to get a free estimate, contact Thunderbolt Construction today at (630) 584-7600.   photo credit: public domain via pixabay

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