3 Tips for Preventing Ice Dams This Winter

Temperatures have started dropping, and sooner or later that white stuff will start to fall. Along with the cooler temperatures comes the risk of ice dams forming at your Chicago home. An ice dam can easily form in your gutters or near your roof when water freezes, melts, and then refreezes—a process that can easily cause water damage to your home. At Thunderbolt Construction, Inc., we’ve had to repair a number of homes due to this winter woe, so we’d rather help you avoid it than repair it later on.

Preventing Ice Dams

1. Make sure your roof is well insulated.

If your roof is old or isn’t functioning well due to poor insulation, your home is at a higher risk for ice dams forming. That hot air gets out and only amplifies the melting and refreezing process. So if your roof needs attention, start here.

2. Clean out your gutters.

Before snow arrives, make sure your gutters are cleared out. Get all those leaves and other debris out so that water has a better chance of escaping rather than building up and freezing instead of draining like it should.

3. Repair your gutters.

While cleaning out your gutters, you may notice that they’re in disrepair. When your gutters don’t function properly, you’re only setting yourself up for ice dams or other water damage to your home’s roof, siding, or even more. Yes, gutter repair may cost a bit, but much less than having to repair the gutters PLUS the water damage later on.

To find out more about ice dams and how to avoid them, contact Thunderbolt Construction today at (877) 204-7600 for a free consultation. We serve the homeowners in and around the Chicago, IL, area, including both Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. We specialize in all things outdoor home improvement and would love to help you prepare your home for winter weather.


photo credit: public domain via pixabay

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