Considerations for an Illinois Skylight Installation

Have you noticed that your room needs several lamps in order to lighten up the space? Natural light is one of the best ways to solve this problem. When there’s no room for a window on the exterior wall, simply create a window in the ceiling. Skylights are great for enhancing both the light and aesthetics of a room.
At Thunderbolt Construction, Inc., our contractors have years of experience with installing skylights in Illinois.

skylight-installationBefore the installation process begins, take some time to figure out what you want. Do you plan on using the skylights for ventilation or natural lighting? How many skylights do you want? Here are some brainstorming tips to help you generate the best skylight ideas for your Illinois home:

Take Time to Plan: Discover what rooms in which you would enjoy the addition of skylights. Whether you select your kitchen or bathroom, you’ll need to assess how the high-angled rays of the summer sun will affect the overall lighting in the room.

Consider the Sun: Speaking of the sun, you should take into consideration where the sun rises in the sky and where it sets. Skylights that face north emit a soft, diffused light; whereas south-facing skylights are more likely to brighten up a room.

The Larger, the Better: If you’re going through the effort of having skylights installed, make sure the finished product makes a statement. A common mistake is that the skylights are too small, so the amount of light in the room doesn’t really change, nor do guests in your house take notice.

Work with the Space: Of course, if you’re working with a small space, it can be difficult to follow the previous suggestion. For attics and tiny bathrooms, tubular skylights are your best option. These domed fixtures easily diffuse light throughout the room, and they don’t take up too much ceiling space.

Aside from skylights, we can add curb appeal to your home with our array of home improvement services. Located in St. Charles, we serve homeowners in Illinois and Wisconsin. Contact us today at 877-204-7600 to learn more.

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