IL Home Improvement Tips: Save Money on Heating Bills


The freezing cold of winter can wreak havoc on your home – and your energy bills. There are ways, however, to mitigate the high costs of keeping a house warm throughout the season. Today we have some IL home improvement tips for keeping winter heating bills at a manageable level.

Below are some tips for saving money on utility bills this winter from the IL home improvement specialists of Thunderbolt Construction, Inc.

Bundle Up and Turn it Down: An easy, cost effective way to save on winter heating bills in your Chicago home is to simply turn down the thermostat. You can save up to 3% for every degree you turn down your thermostat. The water heater can also be turned down between 115-120 degrees without a noticeable difference to most users.

Seal the Perimeter: Gaps in window and doorframes can allow cold air to seep in and warm air to leak out of your house. Sealing up any exposed space with rubber weather stripping should suffice for small gaps. For more extreme cases, door or window replacement may be in order. A lot of warm air and money can be lost if there are any leaks in your home’s exterior.

Check Ducts: The ducts in your home move hot air from the furnace to several different vents, warming various rooms throughout the house. If there’s a leak or gap in one of the ducts, you could be losing a great deal of hot air. Any treated air that doesn’t make its way to the correct location is money wasted. Keep hot air from leaking out of your ducts, and you could keep a lot of money from leaking out of your wallet.

Need help making sure your home is winter-ready? You can trust the seasoned IL home improvement professionals of Thunderbolt Construction. Contact us today at (630) 584-7600, and we’ll be more than happy to get to work for you.

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