Gutter Installation

Downspout and gutter installation is a very important part of a roofing system. At Thunderbolt Construction, Inc., we offer fascia and soffit installation as well as copper gutters. Contact Thunderbolt at (877) 204-7600 to schedule an appointment with an expert gutter installer in Chicago.

Located in St. Charles, we primarily serve the following areas: Rockford, Peoria, Springfield, Chicago, and Champaign, IL, as well as Madison, and Janesville, WI. We also provide gutter installation service and more to the entire Chicagoland area.

Why Installing Gutters Is Important in Chicago

A good system of gutters and downspouts is your home’s best protection against foundation problems caused by rainwater. Gutters catch and carry water, leaves and other debris toward the downspouts on each corner of your house, which then funnel everything into a splash guard or drainage tube, carrying it away from your home’s foundation and out into your yard.

Ready to Upgrade Your Gutters? Contact Our Gutter Installers!

To reduce your likelihood of a wet basement or crumbling crawlspace, contact us today at (877) 204-7600, and a gutter installation contractor from Thunderbolt Construction will be happy to meet with you to discuss your options.

Gutter Replacement: If your gutter and downspout system has sustained damage due to storm damage, ice or normal wear and tear, we can either do an entire gutter replacement or just address the sections needing repair.

Types of Gutter Systems

Two of the most common materials used for gutter installation include aluminum and vinyl, which are both very cost effective and blend in well with most home exteriors. For homeowners looking for the ultimate in gutter design, customized copper gutters are the newest in decorative materials. Spiral downspouts gracefully accent the corners of the residence, while the bright, attractive color is second to none in complementing your home’s exterior. The color of your gutters will gradually take on a weathered patina, adding even more curb appear to your home.

Leaf Guard Systems

We are certified with Leaf Relief, a built-in gutter leaf control system. Ask any of our contractors about Leaf Relief or any of our other leaf control systems. For seasonal clean-outs of leaves and other debris from gutters and downspouts, contact Thunderbolt at (877) 204-7600.

Copper Gutters

Copper gutters don’t just add a sense of elegance to your home’s exterior; they are also highly resilient to rust and decay. Let us come improve your home by installing copper gutters!

Fascia and Soffit Installation

The soffits on the underside of your roof eaves are usually made of vinyl or aluminum, and come in vented or non-vented types. Gutters are attached to your home’s fascia, which is the vertical surface at the end of your roof eaves. For professionals experienced in soffit installation and fascia installation services, call our home improvement contractors at Thunderbolt at (877) 204-7600.

Additional Home Improvement Services

Not only do we provide excellent gutter installation services, but we also offer other contractor services such as window replacement, door installation, siding installation and skylight replacement. Contact Thunderbolt today at (877) 204-7600 for a no-cost consultation and estimate on any downspout or gutter installation project in Chicago and the surrounding areas.